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MAV Star Runner MCV-9910-A - MAMC 1st Division Ship

Welcome to the site of the MAV Star Runner MCV-9910-A. This is a club on line and it is also off-line The ship is a Klingon bird of prey
.This site is under update all the time but please visit as often as you like please give comments to CO Colonel Paul M Ramirez @

For Any information on this page or information about the ship or joining the ship: As membership is always free for anyone and everyone.You may contact: Colonel Paul M. Ramirez @

Starrunner Membership
Ships Commanding Officer Colonel Paul M Ramirez

Ships Excecutive Officer Lt.Colonel Emmert Long

Ships Second officer: (OPEN)

Ship Chief of Staff (OPEN)
Ship Chief of OPS (OPEN)

Major Ricardo Guzman Ships Chief Of Security (Real Name)

Reserves/On Assignment
Captain Bessie Hill Security officer(Real Name)
SSGT Judy Reieke Security officer (Real Name)
Command Staff of the 1st Division ________________________________________________
1st Brigade Commaning Officer
Colonel Paul M Ramirez


This is a page to let other people know that there
is a Maquis Club in the Sacramento Area the Command
ship of this area is the MAV Star Runner MCV 9910A
and the the Flag Ship for the Western United States
is the MAV Fire Storm MCV 2017 contact information is listed for both ship if you do not live in Sacramento and wish to join the MFA please contact me The Division
Commanding Officer Of the Fire Storm and I will try
to get you the help you need. Thank you for visiting My web site.

This web Page is Colonel Jason Rose's web Page but the site is owned by Lt. General K'Orge VestaI-K'Tylo (Richard A Ramirez) please direct overall comments about the site to me.

Thank you for visiting my web site. We will always be changing and adding new things.

Any questions contact Colonel Paul M Ramirez
Disclamer for this site any images on this site are for personal use and the copyright go's to the respective owner unless the image is owned by me.
Maquis Alliance Marine Corps-1ST Division
Please if you visit my site let me know how you like it or how it can be imporved your comments will be added to our comments page that will be up in a few weeks if you want to add something about the Maquis of Star Trek or about Sci-Fi in general, Thank you for visiting this web site keep coming back for more information.

Any questions for MAV Star Runner Need to be directed to CO of ship.
Commanding Officers E-Mail

Col. Paul Ramirez

Maquis Alliance Marine Corps/ Maquis Alliance